Sunday, 30 December 2012

Small improvement for Bay of Bengal Indian Restaurant Edinburgh

Keywords: Indian Restaurant Edinburgh
It goes to Page 2 now from Page 4. Improvements encourage me.

Happy new year to all.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Who lost in SEO game?

Being working with an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh (Bay of Bengal) to improve Google ranking   made me think, who lost in SEO game? "who" here are small business owners. My views now are someone in the middle. You are winners if you either have good reviews all the time or spend money on SEO, even better if you are the both.

Example 1: Busy small restaurant
Name: Hanedan restaurant Edinburgh
Website: old fashion
Why busy: No 1 in qype Edinburgh
Reason: good reviews

Example 2: Google page 1 (Keywords: Indian restaurant Edinburgh)
Name: gandhis indian restaurant edinburgh
Website: new SEO: yes
Busy: not sure Reason: (useless) back links
For sure I know how many impressions there are on Google page 1 for a common keyword.

Nan at

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Promote Abileen Guest House, Edinburgh

Abileen Guest House, a guest house in main road in Newington Edinburgh, not big room but clean. The owner wants me to promote her business on the Internet. Some research needed to put it right.

Mobile web site for Bliss Happiness Chinese Takeaway

Developing mobile only web site for Bliss Happiness Chinese takeaway (, a good location on busy main road, they are very proud of their food and cooking. Hope it bring more busy for them.